Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls.


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Saitama VS Weirdmageddon (GameboyAdv)

  • "WHAT THE HECK?!" Bill exclaiming when Xanthar crashes into his pyramid temple
  • "AS A MATTER OF FACT I AM! I DO WONDER, HOW'D YA KILL THOSE GUYS SO EASILY?" Bill answering Saitama's question before asking how did he manage to kill his army
  • "WELL HOWEVER YOU DID IT, IT ISN'T GONNA WORK ON ME!" Bill before his battle with Saitama begins
  • "WELL THAT DIDN'T TAKE L-WHAT?!" Bill discovering Saitama is alive after he thought he had crushed him with his fist
  • "I'M GONNA LEVEL THIS WHOLE TOWN JUST TO KILL YOU!" Bill's Villainous Breakdown and last words

Freddy Krueger VS Bill Cipher (Wolverine-Man)

  • "And I'm very, very happy you're using me for the first time, Wolverine-Man! Seriously, it's such an honor!" Bill breaking the fourth wall and thanking Wolverine-Man for using him on a Fanon Wiki for the first time
  • "Oh yes, I do! You're gonna pit me against that pizza-face senpai called Freddy Krueger! And you're gonna have me win, right?" Bill to Wolverine-Man before his opponent Freddy Krueger appears
  • "Uh, Freddy, this is a b-word. (An image of a female dog appears beside him) Do we really look the same to you? And watch your language, buddy." Bill when Freddy calls him a bitch
  • "I agree." Bill before fighting Freddy
  • "AAH! MY EYE!" Bill after Freddy impales his body with his clawed glove
  • "I knew you were powerful, but I didn't know you were this dumb! HAHAHAHA!" Bill mocking Freddy for believing that he had won
  • "No little Freddies for you in the future! HAHAHA!" Bill after telekinetically striking Freddy in the groin with a street lamp
  • "Not again! I just regenerated that eye!" Bill receiving a fireball to the eye from Freddy
  • "Grrr! That darn teleporting thing again! This guy is not only a dumb pizza-face, but he's also a cheater as well! AAAAGH!" Bill ranting about Freddy's teleporting ability as he searches for the Springwood Slasher until his target throws a fireball as his back
  • "You have officially ticked me off! Do you have any idea when I'm like, WHEN. I'M. MAD?!" Bill's first stage of his Villainous Breakdown
  • "RRRRRR! THAT IS IT! YOU! ARE! DONE!!!" The second and final stage of Bill's Breakdown when Freddy taunts him
  • "Sorry Freddy, but I can't have fun with you in the way, so I pretty much gotta kill you now. It's been nice knowing ya, Freddy!" Bill to Freddy before throwing him into the Sun, killing him for good
  • "Inhabitants of this world, I present to you...Weirdmageddon! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Bill announcing Weirdmageddon after killing Freddy

Bill Cipher vs Kazoo Kid (Hyper Anon)

  • "Is that all?" Bill after destroying a clone of Kazoo Kid
  • "Ha! You barely tickled me!" Bill after being knocked to the Moon
  • "HEY I'M NOT DONE YET!" Bill as Kazoo walks off
  • "Remember lack of Gravity!" Bill before Kazoo begins to float in the air
  • "So you're gonna play like that? Well two can play!" Bill after being kicked by Kazoo
  • "I can do this without growing." Bill before punching Kazoo
  • "ENOUGH!" Bill before entering Kazoo's mind
  • "You really thought you could hurt me?!" Bill taunting Kazoo
  • Time's up!" Bill before killing Kazoo