No rules

Just bloodshed



Mr. Satan was walking around Cat Country on his way back to the World Martial Arts Tournament, when he accidently stepped on Froggy.

Hercule: Get out of here ya dumb frog

Hercule kicks him away but suddenly he hears loud footsteps and sees a big cat running up to him at frightening speeds.

Here we go!

Big: You hurt Froggy!

Big the Cat runs at Hercule at scary speeds and throws a punch but Hercule activates his jet pack and flies over Big and throws a smoke bomb at Big causing Big to gag.

Big: Ack help I can't breathe

Hercule: Hah don't mess with me, whoa...

Hercule was grabbed by Big and slammed around before being crushed by a belly flop causing Hercule to squeal in pain. Hercule gets up and hits Big three times in the stomach but Big ignores the punches and slaps Hercule aside.

Hercule (Thoughts): Dang, this guy is strong. I got to be more tricky.

Hercule then pulls out his pistol and fires three shots at Big, but Big shakes them off. Big then whacks Hercule in the head with his parasol causing Hercule to stumble back. Hercule pulls out his Missile Launcher and fires at Big, launching Big into a tree.

Big: Ow that wasn't nice

Big then pulls out his fishing rod and tries to hook on to Hercule's leg, but Hercule grabs the rod and tries to pull it out of Big's hands. The two got into a tug of war but Big won easily and pulled Satan towards him.

Hercule: Uh oh.

Hercule quickly flies away from Big with the Jet Pack and lands on a top of a tree before Big can grab him. He then fires more rockets from his launcher but Big quickly dodges and uses a homing attack knocking Hercule off the tree and causing him to hit the ground.

Hercule then slaps himself for not seeing that coming and flies away on his jetpack to get some space from Big. Big, not letting Hercule get away again, chases down Hercule at high speeds and homing attacks Hercule again, launching Hercule into the water causing Hercule to get wet.

Big the Cat then saw Hercule on the ground and picked him up and gave him a dumb look before deciding what to do next. Eventually, he had an idea.

Big: OK mister Hercule I'm gonna send you back where you came from.

Hercule: What?

But before Hercule could realize what was going on, Big then punted Hercule into the clouds causing Hercule to fly over Cat Country at high speeds never to be seen again.