Art owned by Mata, who made this illustration for Kojirou Sasaki's appearence in Fate/Grand Order.

"Ambition is a wondrous thing. But is hated by all forms of media. And yet, Sekai-no-Ito (The intent of the World) has 7 Billion People's worth of ambitious characters. How sad; It just comes to show you can't trust anyone, as they will be hypocritical from such a very simple, crucial fact: This ambitious world...



BMHKain is an Ex-Member of Death Battle Fanon Wiki, a semi-Respected member of OMM Fanon Wiki, a temporarily former member of The VS Battle Wiki, and a Newly mentioned member of DBX Fanon wiki. He also did some work on the PlayStation All-Stars Fan-Fiction Royale Wiki.

Back StoryEdit

BMHKain tends to make fights with truly Japanese characters. Examples of media include NEPTUNIA, Rosenkreuzstilette, even Under Night IN-BIRTH. But his favorite source to use characters is Wonderful World, made by Ainefill. Not only is it his favorite Homebrew game, according to four pictures, there will be more characters for the roster, for a very long time... It is estimated that around 38 characters overall will be in the overall roster. His overall favorite character of the overall roster is Lima, who has many weapons, but only two are confirmed. While he did actually popularize the game at the OMM Fanon Wiki in some measure, he has yet to do so for DBx Fanon Wiki. BMHKain lives his life as a Hermit, but still goes out on occasion. And yet, he has never considered going out into an actual community. He likes 2D Fighting Games and dreams of making one in the far future...

Weapons, Armor, & SkillsEdit

BMHKain's weapon of choice is the Tatsumasa; what is said by Youkai to be a forbidden weapon, feared above all others. In actuality, it is a High Frequency Nodachi with special properties besides the usual High Frequency Abilities. Tatsumasa can sense the soul of a living being and can slash it, thus scattering the soul to absolutely nothing, exactly like a typical High Frequency Weapon would with solid material. It is one of the most powerful swords ever thought of by anyone as it can even cut through solid stone just as easily, and if paired against DEADPOOL's Carbonadium Sword, it would be sliced just as easily as melted butter.

Nothing special is known about his armor, it's just a plain white Hakama with traditional feudal era leg wear.

While BMHKain can use Iaido styled moves, he does this in more of a Moriya (The Last Blade) styled concept. While he does show his Tatsumasa in combat, when he sheathes it, the longer he does it, the more powerful, and spectacular the attack. He then resheaths the blade then unsheaths it afterward.

Potental OpponentsEdit


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