Asura is the main protagonist of the video game Asura's Wrath.

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Hulk vs Asura (GalacticAttorney)

  • "YOU! YOU MADE MY DAUGHTER CRY!" Asura accusing Bruce Banner of making Mithra cry even though he was only trying to help her find Asura
  • "WELL, I AM ASURA! AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE ANYONE WHO MAKES! MY DAUGHTER! CRY!!!" Asura preparing to do battle with the Hulk


Asura VS Superman (Injustice) (Wolverine-Man)

  • "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!" Asura takes offense to Yellow Lantern referred to him as a "white-haired guy with sandals" while contacting the corrupt Superman about him
  • "Watch your tongue unless you want me to punch you again!" Asura when Hal tells him that Superman to arriving to kill him and asking is he happy
  • "The two of you should be lucky I decided to spare you so I could find out who this "High Councilor" is! And especially when you referred to me as a white-haired guy in sandals while you were contacting him!" Asura warning Hal and Hawkgirl how lucky they were to survive against him
  • "DON'T SAY IT!" Asura when Superman nearly refers to him as the "white-haired guy with sandals" like Hal did when he was contacting him
  • "AND STOP YOUR CHILDISH LAUGHTER!" Asura as Hal and Hawkgirl laugh at him
  • "It's you who's about to die once you face my wrath!" Asura before his battle with Superman
  • "It will be the last power you'll ever see!" Asura stating that his Mantra powers will be the last thing Superman ever sees
  • "Only when you die will I quit!" Asura after Superman tells him to "quit while he can"
  • "RAAAH!" Asura upon being punched five times by Superman
  • "Neither am I." Asura when Superman says he will not stop until he kills Asura
  • "If anyone should've quit when they had the chance, it was you!" Asura while delivering a beatdown to Superman
  • "Goodbye, bastard." Asura before killing Superman