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survive the night


ash Williams is in for the fight of his life as he takes a new summer job at freddy fazbear's pizza and has to

battle killer animatronics

survive the night engage!

ash Williams was settling in to his new summer job at Freddy fazbear's he was just getting settled in eating

pizza when he heard the phone guy "hello hello hello? uh hey welcome to freddy fazbear's pizza" but that is

all he could hear after a while for ash was getting annoyed with the phone guy and smashed the phone but

he was soon gonna regret that as he started to see animatronic animals on each side poor ash was in hot


here we go!

animatronics kept running to get him ash felt like he was gonna be dead so ash tried to run but then he saw

something an axe he knew it was now or never ( ash then launched at

bonnie and started to dismantle him one by one part by part soon he did the same to chica and foxy but

suddenly he was grabbed and thrown against a wall but that was not over for you see ash saw something

that looked handy it was a flamethrower so as freddy was about to kill him ash then grabbed the

flamethrower and blasted it at freddy and was soon scorched "hail to the king baby" ash said as he put the

flamethrower down suddenly he saw some spirits of little children come out of the animatronics "thank you"

one of the kids said as they descended up to the afterlife ash looked on and smiled "groovy kids" he said he

then quit his job and took the check himself and as he left it is shown he wrote i quit on a small piece of

paper hoping s-mart would rehire him he left for that


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