A kid with a red hat and a yellow mouse by his side was walking down the street. "Pika!" the mouse said, seeing something. "What is it, Pikachu?" The boy asked.

"Pika pi, pikachu pi!" The mouse, Pikachu, said.

The kid looked and saw someone else walking. He saw the kid. "You look like a strong opponent. We should fight! My name's Yugi Moto. And yours?" Yugi asked to the red hatted kid.

"I'm Ash Ketchum, the best trainer in the world!" Ash said. "Pika!" Pikachu added.

"Let's test that." Yugi said, releasing Blackland Fire Dragon.

Here we Go!

Pikachu used Thunderbolt, striking Blackland Fire Dragon. BFD slashes Pikachu, only for Pika to dodge. He uses Quick Attack, knocking BFD back. Yugi suddenly runs at Pikachu, only to move out of the way and punch Ash in the face!

Ash screamed in pain. He quickly commanded Pikachu to take care of BFD as he looked at Yugi. Ash elbowed Yugi in the face. Yugi fell to the ground as Pikachu used a Quick Attack through BFD's chest. He runs to assist Ash. "What--" before Yugi could finish, Ash and Pikachu both unit Yugi, sending him back as Ash pulled out a Pokéball.


Charizard roared, and used Flamethrower on the helpless Yugi. Yugi screamed in terror as he was incinerated.

"Charizard, return!"

As Charizard was sent back to its Pokéball, Ash spotted someone in the distance. A black haired angel.


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